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An original handprinted limited edition screenprint.


Part of a new series: "Connecting?" - minimalist geometric prints in strong colours.


The question mark in the title of this piece is intentional: is the smaller green square trying to connect with the larger shape? Or is it disconnecting, moving away from it? Is it being held in place by the black area, or travelling with it? Or are all three shapes static and independent of each other?

The simple, minimalist, geometric composition is designed to strip away everything but the shapes and colours – leaving the viewer to respond and consider.  This original silkscreen print has been handprinted as an edition of 12 on Southbank Smooth fine art paper. When framed in a simple box frame, the shadows and play of light can add interest to the overall composition.


Edition of 12.


Image size is approx 20x20cm but designed to be framed with a wide border. The 2nd image is a mock-up of how it could look framed, and the 3rd and 4th images show it framed in a deep box frame.



Connecting? 1

  • Screenprint

    Created 2023

    Image size approx 20x20cm; paper size approx 40x40cm

    Supplied unframed on a backing board

    Framed options to follow 

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