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I’m a contemporary printmaker who specialises in limited edition silkscreen prints. My prints are characterised by strong colour palettes which evoke memories of much-loved places, objects, or moments of reflection, and I enjoy exploring uplifting and sometimes unexpected combinations of colour and pattern to reinterpret familiar sights. 

The screenprinting process itself both informs and develops my work, encouraging me to strip back and simplify the subject and to focus on the interplay of colours, shapes and negative spaces.

I was introduced to the joys of screenprinting at Glasgow Print Studio and Glasgow School of Art many years ago, and then continued my printmaking practice in London from 2014. I now live in Brighton and print from Inkspot Press studio in Hove. 

I have exhibited in a number of galleries and group exhibitions in London and Brighton, and have had work selected for various exhibitions including the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair (2021 and 2022), Southbank Printmakers (2020-2023), and Watts Gallery (2023). I also show my work  at Chalk Gallery in Lewes, Sussex, as a permanent artist.

For a CV with full list of past and current exhibitions, click here.

To learn more about the screenprinting process, click here.

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