Lucy Cooper screenprint Tobago palm
Lucy Cooper screenprint Inside the palm house
willow + sun printed_no border.jpg
morroco memories_staying still.jpg
Lucy Cooper_Looking Out_screenprint_38x38.jpg
Lucy Cooper_Tropical heat.jpg
offering an olive branch_2_Lucy Cooper.j
Lucy Cooper screenprint offering an olive branch
Lucy Cooper screenprint Mediterranean memories
Lucy Cooper screenprint Mum's garden winter
Lucy Cooper screenprint On the balcony
crashing waves copper.jpg
Lucy Cooper screenprint At the window
calathea feeling at home_1.jpg
calathea feeling at home_2.jpg
calathea feeling at home_3.jpg
Lucy Cooper screenprint Puglian blue bottle
Lucy Cooper screenprint bottles
Lucy Cooper screenprint bottles
Lucy Cooper screenprint bottles
Lucy Cooper screenprint bottles
Lucy Cooper screenprint Docklands reeds
Up close- poppy.jpg
wisteria printed variation_1.jpg


This past year hasn't turned out as any of us could have imagined. At the start of 2020 I made a resolution to spend the year revisiting some of the places that have a particular significance to me - a journey of family memories, with time to reflect and remember. But of course it was not to be. 

Instead, though, I found myself revisiting in a different way. I've been revisiting several of the places that have been special to me or brought me joy over the years - by looking back at photographs, thinking back on travels. and by sharing memories. Some of these have formed the starting point of these new prints - and there are many more in development.


Hopefully it won't be too long before we can re-visit people and places in person again.

Please contact me if you would like more details or to buy any of the prints. 

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