'Reflections' is a series of prints exploring reflections in different contexts, featuring images from the London Docklands area where I live as well as from some of my favourite parts of the world.

They are all printed on archival fine art paper and most are produced as limited edition prints.

Framing suggestions, measurements and pricing details are shown by clicking on the image.

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Lucy Cooper print docklands water
Canary Wharf reflection
Lucy Cooper print docklands reflection 3
Lucy Cooper print Canada Water reflection
Lucy Cooer print Andalusian reflections
Lucy Cooper print Docklands posts reflection
Canary Wharf reflection 2
water circles 1.jpg
South Dock Marina study
Lucy Cooper print Docklands Reflection 2
Canary Wharf reflection 3
Greenland Dock Reflection 2 40 x 56.jpg
Lucy Cooper print River Thames reflection
Lucy Cooper print Greenland Dock reflection
Canary Wharf reflection 4
Lucy Cooper print brown water Greenland Dock
South Dock Marina 1
Oslo reflections

All prints available to buy.

Please contact me for more details 

print of water reflections - print of docklands - print of river thames - print of Brighton - print of London Docklands - photograph of water - photograph of refections

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