Reflection in red 

Screenprint limited edition of 10.

Image size 40 x 40cm plus bleed for reflection to sit under a 50 x 50 cm mount. Fits a 50x50 cm frame

Signed and editioned.

£70 unframed; £85 unframed with mount.


Screenprint variable edition of  20.

Image size 36 x 60cm; paper size 50 x 70cm

Signed and editioned.

£80 unframed.

Screenprints,  variable editions

Image size 18 x 18cm, paper size approx 30x30cm

£35 unframed

Reflection in blue

Screenprint, unique.

Image size 28x28cm, mounted size 50x50cm.

£50 unframed with mount

Docklands reflection

Screenprint limited edition of 10.

 Image size 25 x 20cm; paper size 50 x 35cm

£50 unframed


2020 sees me spending less time on the Mac and more time in the screen print studio. There's a particular satisfaction in creating stencils, mixing paints and hand pulling prints which I'm excited to return to this year. I'm also finding myself going back to my calligraphic roots: dusting off my broad-edged brushes and bottles of Chinese ink and experimenting with freehand mark-making in combination with printmaking. 


The pieces I'm currently working on are a development of my Reflections theme, but in an increasingly abstract and ambiguous way. A sense of place remains important to me as a starting point for any work and I'm planning to spend the year on a personal journey to explore or revisit several places that have a particular significance to me at the moment. I will be uploading images of my work in progress as this body of work takes shape and I look forward to updating this page as I go. 

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